"My husband and I had been trying to get help for our 9 year old daughter after two teachers mentioned possible dyslexia. We requested a meeting to have her evaluated. At the meeting, we were told no, that no evaluations were necessary at this time. That is when we sought the help of Cheryl Connors. With her knowledge, amazing and meticulous record/data keeping, she was able to get another meeting and have the child study team agree to the evals that are necessary. Without her help and knowledge, my daughter would not be getting the help that she needs. We are so grateful for all that Cheryl has done for us."

- Betsy Hamilton


"My husband and I were having issues with my daughter Gabriella's school district.  Gabriella has been attending school out of district for 3 years because our home district did not provide the services that my daughter needed.  After our meeting in May 2014 for the following school year, the home district attempted to bring her back, again without having services in place for her.  We contacted Cheryl and explained our situation.  Cheryl did an amazing job!  Cheryl advised them of every guideline they violated.  Cheryl was always one step ahead of them.  Cheryl was successful in keeping our daughter in place, out of district, when the mandate from our home BOE was to bring her back.  She's extremely knowledgeable in this field and we would highly recommend her." 

- Donnamarie Viola-Disbrow




"So grateful to have Cheryl Connors in our corner. She fought her butt off for my boy and we left victorious. Of course after fighting 3 hrs for my boy I'm left feeling the same way I felt when the doctors told me my boy wasn't typical, that he would never live a normal life. It just sucks and I'd give my life for him (all of them) in an instant. I fight for Jake knowing his achievements & successes also mean less responsibility for my other 3 when I leave this world. Thank you for listening. I need to go weep now." 

- Tara Caroscio-Hamway




“We are so grateful for our amazing advocate Cheryl Connors. Today she worked so hard to get our son the services he needed and even made sure that our meeting took place even though they tried to cancel it for the second time. Her dedication and knowledge about the laws helped us navigate the school system, which we could not have done without her.”

- David Max


“Words cannot express the gratitude we have to Cheryl Connors, for being the most unbelievable advocate for our daughter. Your dedication, incredible knowledge of the laws within the school system and your ability to step in and get our daughter ALL the services she needed and not a bit less is outstanding. I know I am not alone in feeling this way as your other clients have had this same experience. I am so hopeful again that our daughter can reach her potential! Thank you Thank you!” 

- Jill Friedbauer

"Cheryl Connors is a true angel here on earth. As our advocate, Cheryl has made it possible for our son to reach his greatest potential by getting him all the services that are necessary for him to thrive. Without her help our son would not be getting the services he needs. Cheryl has helped us to navigate the entire I E P process and is always available whenever we have a question or concern. Cheryl will stop at nothing until every child gets all the services that they need and are rightfully entitled too. I have already recommended her to many friends who were in need. Cheryl is an amazing person and we are so lucky to have found her."

- Mrs. Tolep